The Basics

If you love fantasy football but think it could use more realism and dream about being your favorite team's GM, then this is the league for you! I am going to try to paint an overall picture of the league here for those who may have questions or don't completely understand. The best way to think of it is if you were hired to run a REAL NFL team right now. You would take over their existing roster, have to play by the salary cap rules, but were free to make trades and signings to improve your team.

FREE to play! New league forming now for 2009 season.


The Off-Season

We'll start first with Free Agency. You can bid on players using our online tools. You get 5 bids per 24 hours, but get unlimited bids on your own former players. Your bids can either be new bids for a player who hasn't received an offer yet, or a counter-bid (must raise either salary or bonuses). Once a player goes 24 hours without a counter-bid, he is signed to the highest bidder. If that player is a restricted free agent or franchise/transition player then his former team has a right to match that top bid.

You can sign as many players as you want, but must stay under that salary cap ($127M). If you are currently logged in, you will see a link to your roster below.

Not currently logged in.

The college draft will be next. That will be just like the real NFL draft last April, but you get to pick your own players or trade your own picks. Salaries for rookie contracts will be determined by slot selected. There will be a clock to keep picks moving quickly, but you can set up a draft queue ahead of time and the computer will pick your preferred players if you are not online when it is your turn.

You can trade players/picks a well. Keep in mind that if you trade a player who originally had a signing bonus, that you will be responsible for a cap hit of his remaining balance.

If you cut a player with a signing bonus balance, you will also take a cap hit. You can get some salary cap relief by cutting that player after our artificial June 1st date, and then you can take 50% of that cap hit this year and 50% next year (creates dead money for next year, though).

A player's AFFL salary cap figure for each season is calculated by:

  • Current season annual salary.
  • Prorated Signing Bonus for the year (total SB divided by length of contract).
  • Any roster bonuses as part of their contract.

Salary and roster bonuses are not guaranteed money. If you cut a player today, you don't owe him any future salary or game checks for games he won't play for you. And roster bonuses are only paid if they are on your roster at that time. That's life in the NFL without guaranteed contracts where a player could be cut any time. You DO, however, need to worry about any signing bonus or other guaranteed money that is split into future seasons for accounting purposes. That's your cap hit for moving the player.

Check out the League Rules and feel free to ask questions in the message board or send the commish a PM (Goodell).


The Sim Games

Here is some information on how the custom simulation software is structured. Your feedback is not only appreciated but encouraged as we shape the league.

The custom sim application will be called Fanulation, being a hybrid between fantasy football and simulation applications.

It will be driven primarily by your skill position players using a weekly update. If you QB had a great game in real life, then he'll have better odds of having a good sim game for you.

There are other players on the field, though, that will impact how good your QB/RB/WRs move the ball.

Your offensive line will get an overall grade going into the game (average of your 5 starters + 1 backup + FB). The strength of your line in comparison to the opposing defense will alter the odds of your offensive success. The defense will get overall grade averages for their Front Seven and Secondary.

The sim will figure out what a skill position player "should" get realistically given all the factors and work the odds for each play in favor of making that happen.

If you have a RB who should reasonably get 100 yards with 1 fumble based upon the information entered, then the sim will stack the odds in his favor of that for each play. If he gets way ahead of schedule by breaking a big run early, the odds for breaking another big run will be reduced after that. There will be random elements, but it will work toward the ultimate projection for the game by adjusting the odds accordingly. You just don't know when that production is going to come, as the game situations develop.

So the best strategy for building a team for this system would probably be:

  • Build up your supporting area grades (O-Line, Front 7, Secondary). You don't need to know which Tackle has the best technique like a scout, but do want to sign as many As and Bs as you can for your overall grade average. Past performance and reputation is more important to those grades here. If you do know your stuff, it doesn't hurt to get an under-valued player with potential who may be graded much better in the future as an investment in your team.

  • Approach skill position player like you would a fantasy pick. What the player will do THIS year matters much more than what he's done in the past with the weekly update.

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