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Colts Busy Week

Colts in Full Rebuilding Mode.

With the trade deal line looming the Colts have been an extremely busy team making several moves. Ownership decided to go full blow rebuild mode and have traded some of their best players away in just a short week. We are going to take a look at these moves and see what is in store for this young team in the future.

Trade 1 – Trading Ware back to the Cowboys.

To Dallas – DeMarcus Ware Going Home.

To Indy – Cam Thomas, Golden Tate, Koa Misi, Chris Cook, Alex Carrington, 2012 1st (DAL), 2011 3rd (JAC) 2011 (KC)

Wow, that was my first though when this trade went though. My second thought was I couldn’t believe that the Colts were trading by far their best player. But in reality with who the Colts got back in this deal there is no way that they could turn down this kind of an offer. You are looking at 3 potential starts right now in their rookie seasons along with 2 other players seeing some playing time. Then you add in 3 picks in the first round and if you are the Colts GM there is just no way you can say no to this kind of a deal.

Yes Ware is a super-star right now, but lets face it he is not doing anything for the Colts right now, and anytime you can get this kind of a trade done your franchise’s rebuilding time is going to be a short one.

Trade 2 – Kampman leaving town.

To ATL – Aaron Kampman, and Eric Decker

To INDY – Dekoda Watson, 2011 2nd (DET) and 2011 3rd (CHI)

Well with the price tag for Kampman this is probably a pretty solid deal for him. INDY is getting a young rookie LB who is seeing limited time along with 2 picks in the first 3 rounds in the 2011 draft. Another solid trade to help rebuild this franchise in as short as amount of time as they can.

Trade 3 – Wells heading East

To PHIL – Scott Wells

To IND – 2011 3rd (DEN), 2011 3rd (PHIL)

Not a major trade here, just INDY getting 2 solid picks for a average center.

Trade 4 – Mebane finds new home.

To ARIZ – Torell Troup, and Brandon Mebane

To IND – Gabe Watson, Samson Satele, James Hall, and Zackary Bowman

Weird trade and still not 100% sure what I feel was done here. Sure the Colts got some nice young players but they are also in last year of their contract. I had heard there was some discussions of moving Troup but I think it might be a little early to give up on this guy. Not really sure that this helps a lot with the rebuilding, but they were not going to be able to resign Mebane this offseason anyway so it is not a terrible trade.

Trade 5 – Williams follows Ware to Dallas

To DAL – Tramon Williams

To IND – Jeremy Mincey, Anthony Armstrong, 2012 4,5,6,7th rounders all from DAL

This is another good trade for the Colts, trading another player in last year of his contract for 2 solid young players and a slew of picks. Even if they can get one solid player from those picks the trade was worth it.

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