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Brett Hundley ready for his shot

For the Dolphins, everything now comes down to Brett Hundley, a third-year quarterback whose DFFL capabilities are still entirely unknown. At UCLA, his physical attributes made him an obvious NFL draft prospect—he’s big, he’s strong, he’s fast. He increased his completion percentage while decreasing his interceptions thrown in each of his three seasons as the Bruins’ starter, and he threw for 22 touchdowns and added 10 more on the ground as a junior before declaring for the NFL draft in 2015 as the school’s all-time leader in TD passes and total offense.

But there have always been questions about Hundley. Almost all of his throws in college were short—54 percent of his throws traveled less than 6 yards downfield and 29 percent were behind the line of scrimmage. UCLA never could quite get over the hump with Hundley—his Bruins went 29-11 in his three seasons as a starter, but went 0-4 vs. Stanford and 0-2 against Oregon.

Hundley has backed up Blake Bortles for two full seasons. Before his first start this Sunday, he’s only thrown a handful of career passes in mop up duty. "I've been doing this my whole life," Hundley said. "I want to be a Hall of Famer one day. I will lead this team. We're all going to have fun, we're all going to go out there and play football. It's still football at the end of the day, and our goals are still in front of us."

"Well, he needs to turn it. I mean, he needs to turn it up," Dolphins GM Brian Orr said of Hundley. "There's no doubt about it. The whole team needs to turn it up. I told them, everybody needs to clean their house up right now, I don't like the way it looks."

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