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Niners Weekly Report - Season Preview

Well Niner fans, buckle up, it's going to be another long season.

With the announcement that sim veteran Bryce Shuck has pulled a Depodesta of sorts, and cme to the FFFL from the sim hockey world, the Niners fans are excited to have someone with a plan at the helm, as they continue to stock the cupboards for the future.

"We have 3 key pieces, Ramsey, Garrett, and our 1st. Other than those three, everyone is available. We have some tremendous depth in the secondary, and assume there is something to be done there. In addition we will look to address our QB position, but really, just get picks and youth as we rebuild this franchise from the ground up."

Shuck is known as a super-active GM, he's on ICQ 24/7 at 430641410, and has already been lurking around the page here non-stop since signing up.

"I welcome the challenge to turn this franchise into a winner, I've already received some horrendous offers, so you can keep them to yourselves, but if you're looking to make a good two way trade, hit us up!."

Comments and additional functionality coming soon.

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