Compensatory Pick Data

ARI : 0 (ADD UFA 3, LOST 2)
ATL : 1 (ADD UFA 8, LOST 9)
BAL : 4 (ADD UFA 2, LOST 7)
BUF : 0 (ADD UFA 3, LOST 2)
CAR : 4 (ADD UFA 2, LOST 10)
CHI : 0 (ADD UFA 4, LOST 4)
CIN : 0 (ADD UFA 7, LOST 2)
CLE : 0 (ADD UFA 6, LOST 5)
DAL : 3 (ADD UFA 3, LOST 6)
DEN : 0 (ADD UFA 6, LOST 4)
DET : 0 (ADD UFA 13, LOST 2)
GB : 4 (ADD UFA 5, LOST 9)
HOU : 4 (ADD UFA 0, LOST 15)
IND : 0 (ADD UFA 6, LOST 5)
JAC : 0 (ADD UFA 4, LOST 1)
KC : 3 (ADD UFA 1, LOST 4)
MIA : 3 (ADD UFA 1, LOST 4)
MIN : 0 (ADD UFA 5, LOST 1)
NE : 0 (ADD UFA 4, LOST 3)
NO : 3 (ADD UFA 3, LOST 6)
NYG : 0 (ADD UFA 11, LOST 7)
NYJ : 0 (ADD UFA 10, LOST 1)
OAK : 0 (ADD UFA 16, LOST 3)
PHI : 2 (ADD UFA 3, LOST 5)
PIT : 2 (ADD UFA 1, LOST 3)
SD : 1 (ADD UFA 10, LOST 11)
SEA : 4 (ADD UFA 3, LOST 7)
SF : 0 (ADD UFA 10, LOST 2)
STL : 0 (ADD UFA 9, LOST 2)
TB : 4 (ADD UFA 0, LOST 4)
TEN : 4 (ADD UFA 2, LOST 7)
WAS : 4 (ADD UFA 1, LOST 9)

Total Picks: 50
32 Picks Max, from late 3rd to late 7th determined by severity of losses.

Compensatory Picks Information for dffl (2017 free agency toward 2018 draft)
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Only teams with more UFAs lost off roster than taken off another team roster by the chart to the right will be eligible for any compensatory picks. Of the eligible teams, the highest graded UFA losses that are not balanced by a UFA gain will receive the highest round compensation. Only 32 picks are possible so if there are more team picks eligible then only the highest 32 grade unbalanced losses will receive picks. If less than 32 eligible picks overall, teams with the same amount of UFA losses/gains may also be considered for 7th round selections.

Tagged players, restricted free agents, and street free agents (those cut by other teams) are not factored into compensatory picks. Only UFA signings listed on this very page involving others teams with unlimited bidding are considered.

The range for comp picks shifts a little each season across each league as we try to balance picks across the associated rounds (and not have 20 comp picks in one round), but generally speaking these are the target unbalanced loss values. 3rd round = 7.5+ grade, 4th round = 6.5-7.5, 5th round = 6.5-6, 6th round = 5.5-6, 7th round (if applicable) = teams with even losses/gains or grades less than 5.5. Those ranges may also be adjusted down depending upon if some leagues had very little highly graded player losses but tons of lower graded losses qualify to better spread comp picks across the rounds. If a team loses a 7.0 grade player but signs a 7.0-ish or higher player, that loss is not compensated as it is balanced out. Only the highest graded players lost without a balanced gain get compensatory picks, and only teams with at least as many qualifying UFA losses as UFA gains from other teams as noted on the chart to the right can even receive a compensatory pick.

FREE AGENCY LOSSES: (highest graded 32 eligible losses from eligible teams may get compensation)

ARI lose Cunningham, Benny (5.4) to SF
ARI lose Brockers, Michael (6.1) to DEN

ATL lose Boggs, Taylor (4.7) to OAK
ATL lose Armstead, Terron (6.3) to IND
ATL lose Kalil, Ryan (6.1) to ARI
ATL lose Therezie, Robenson (4.8) to OAK
ATL lose Watson, Dekoda (4.6) to OAK
ATL lose Dorleant, Makinton (4.3) to OAK
ATL lose Matthews, Chris (4.8) to NYG
ATL lose Arkin, David (4.3) to OAK
ATL lose Palepoi, Tenny (4.8) to OAK

BAL lose Tolbert, Mike (5.7) to DET
BAL lose Woodyard, Wesley (6.3) to DAL
BAL lose Parkey, Cody (5.4) to STL
BAL lose Allen, Antonio (5.5) to SEA
BAL lose Blake, Antwon (5.3) to GB
BAL lose Escobar, Gavin (5.4) to STL
BAL lose Rainey, Bobby (5.4) to MIN

BUF lose Omameh, Patrick (5.6) to NE
BUF lose Foster, Mason (6.3) to GB

CAR lose Poe, Dontari (5.9) to OAK
CAR lose Patterson, Cordarrelle (5.8) to MIN
CAR lose Anderson, C.J. (6.5) to SD
CAR lose Barron, Mark (5.6) to KC
CAR lose Peppers, Julius (6.1) to SD
CAR lose Harrison, James (6.7) to SD
CAR lose Kline, Josh (6.0) to ATL
CAR lose Wagner, Ricky (6.3) to NYG
CAR lose Smith, Keith (5.8) to BUF
CAR lose Wendell, Ryan (5.7) to NE

CHI lose Reiff, Riley (5.3) to CLE
CHI lose Reed, Jordan (7.2) to JAC
CHI lose Branch, Tyvon (5.6) to IND
CHI lose Durant, Justin (5.4) to GB

CIN lose Davis, Knile (5.3) to PHI
CIN lose Hyde, Micah (5.7) to NO

CLE lose Barner, Kenjon (5.1) to SF
CLE lose Forbath, Kai (5.7) to DET
CLE lose Thornton, Hugh (5.2) to WAS
CLE lose Elam, Matt (4.9) to STL
CLE lose Andrews, Antonio (5.6) to STL

DAL lose Goodwin, Marquise (5.3) to CIN
DAL lose Mathis, Evan (5.8) to DET
DAL lose Pettigrew, Brandon (5.4) to NYJ
DAL lose Martin, Doug (6.6) to OAK
DAL lose Garland, Ben (4.6) to SF
DAL lose Smith, Aldon (6.5) to DEN

DEN lose Milhouse, Greg (4.2) to TEN
DEN lose Langford, Kendall (5.4) to DET
DEN lose Cassel, Matt (4.9) to CIN
DEN lose Johnson, Derrick (6.3) to CIN

DET lose Evans, Josh (4.8) to SD
DET lose Watson, Menelik (5.3) to CLE

GB lose Sims, Pat (5.2) to ARI
GB lose Arrington, Kyle (5.3) to IND
GB lose Lee, Sean (7.2) to DEN
GB lose Alonso, Kiko (5.6) to NO
GB lose Berger, Joe (6.3) to CIN
GB lose Peko, Domata (5.3) to NYJ
GB lose Tapp, Darryl (5.2) to ARI
GB lose Porter, Tracy (5.4) to DET
GB lose Dickson, Ed (5.0) to DEN

HOU lose Barkley, Matt (5.1) to BAL
HOU lose DeCastro, David (6.7) to IND
HOU lose Davis, Will (5.3) to SF
HOU lose Lowery, Dwight (6.1) to NYJ
HOU lose Jerod-Eddie, Tony (4.8) to ATL
HOU lose Ellington, Andre (5.8) to NO
HOU lose Tobin, Matt (5.2) to SF
HOU lose Jones, Don (5.0) to ATL
HOU lose Dunlap, King (5.2) to JAC
HOU lose Miller, Roy (5.8) to BAL
HOU lose Prater, Matt (6.3) to DEN
HOU lose Michael, Christine (5.6) to CHI
HOU lose Barwin, Connor (5.9) to CAR
HOU lose Chester, Chris (5.2) to OAK
HOU lose Adams, Mike (6.2) to MIN

IND lose Wilhoite, Michael (5.0) to NYJ
IND lose Suggs, Terrell (6.6) to PIT
IND lose Holmes, Andre (5.6) to CHI
IND lose Blackmon, Will (5.9) to PHI
IND lose Addae, Jahleel (6.4) to BUF

JAC lose Jones, Jarvis (5.7) to MIA

KC lose Hunt, Akeem (4.9) to ATL
KC lose Reid, Eric (5.8) to OAK
KC lose Gachkar, Andrew (5.1) to NYG
KC lose Marshall, Brandon (6.5) to JAC

MIA lose Taylor, Devin (5.0) to ATL
MIA lose Benn, Arrelious (5.0) to DET
MIA lose Paysinger, Spencer (5.2) to CIN
MIA lose Levitre, Andy (6.4) to DET

MIN lose Thompson, Brandon (4.7) to STL

NE lose Wilson, Marquess (5.5) to SEA
NE lose Cooper, Jonathan (5.7) to DET
NE lose Avril, Cliff (6.2) to ATL

NO lose Manuel, E.J. (5.0) to IND
NO lose Moore, Corey (5.1) to NE
NO lose Webb, J'Marcus (4.8) to NYG
NO lose Robinson, Josh (5.1) to NE
NO lose Royal, Eddie (5.7) to BUF
NO lose Hogan, Chris (6.2) to CIN

NYG lose Williams, Brandon (5.0) to OAK
NYG lose Riley, Perry (6.4) to NYJ
NYG lose Streater, Rod (5.1) to STL
NYG lose Carey, Don (5.1) to DET
NYG lose Ryan, Logan (6.5) to SD
NYG lose Williams, Terrance (6.0) to PHI
NYG lose McCourty, Jason (6.1) to SEA

NYJ lose Cross, Alan (4.8) to DET

OAK lose Aiken, Kamar (5.8) to STL
OAK lose Anderson, Derek (4.9) to DEN
OAK lose Strief, Zach (6.6) to JAC

PHI lose Alexander, D.J. (4.2) to STL
PHI lose Maggitt, Curt (4.3) to CLE
PHI lose Daniel, Chase (5.0) to SF
PHI lose Oher, Michael (5.2) to SF
PHI lose Calhoun, Taveze (4.1) to SF

PIT lose Fleener, Coby (5.9) to NYG
PIT lose Bellamy, Josh (5.0) to NYG
PIT lose Bersin, Brenton (4.9) to NYG

SD lose Grimes, Jonathan (5.3) to NYJ
SD lose Simon, Deon (4.5) to NYJ
SD lose James, Charles (4.9) to ATL
SD lose Gordon, Dillon (4.4) to CLE
SD lose Price, Sheldon (4.0) to SF
SD lose Darkwa, Orleans (5.5) to CHI
SD lose Pullard, Hayes (4.6) to OAK
SD lose Davis, Chris (4.8) to OAK
SD lose Callahan, Joe (4.3) to SF
SD lose Ola, Michael (4.9) to ATL
SD lose Porter, Sean (5.1) to NYG

SEA lose Byrd, Jairus (5.9) to CAR
SEA lose Smith, Geno (5.2) to NYJ
SEA lose Smith, Daryl (5.5) to OAK
SEA lose Rey, Vincent (6.1) to IND
SEA lose Gratz, Dwayne (5.1) to STL
SEA lose Heyward-Bey, Darrius (5.2) to SD
SEA lose Campbell, Calais (7.2) to SD

SF lose Simon, John (5.8) to CLE
SF lose Kuhn, John (6.0) to MIN

STL lose Schaub, Matt (4.9) to NYG
STL lose Johnson, George (5.1) to DET

TB lose Jones, Landry (4.7) to SD
TB lose Robinson, Denard (5.3) to DET
TB lose Siliga, Sealver (5.0) to DET
TB lose Barth, Connor (5.5) to MIN

TEN lose Starks, James (5.9) to SD
TEN lose Lichtensteiger, Kory (5.2) to GB
TEN lose Remmers, Mike (5.3) to OAK
TEN lose Wilson, Tavon (6.3) to SD
TEN lose Amerson, David (6.2) to CHI
TEN lose Jackson, Tyson (5.1) to CIN
TEN lose Babineaux, Jonathan (5.4) to NYJ

WAS lose Webb, B.W. (5.1) to NYG
WAS lose Hodges, Gerald (6.2) to NYG
WAS lose Cannon, Marcus (6.8) to DAL
WAS lose Tamme, Jacob (6.5) to NYJ
WAS lose Wilber, Kyle (5.3) to GB
WAS lose Walker, Delanie (7.8) to DAL
WAS lose Kerr, Zack (5.0) to OAK
WAS lose Gottschalk, Ben (4.4) to TEN
WAS lose Stills, Kenny (5.9) to CLE

FREE AGENCY GAINS: (more signed UFAs than lost makes you ineligible for comp picks, similarly graded gains balance out UFA losses making them ineligible for comp picks)

ARI sign Tapp, Darryl (5.2) from GB
ARI sign Sims, Pat (5.2) from GB
ARI sign Kalil, Ryan (6.1) from ATL

ATL sign Hunt, Akeem (4.9) from KC
ATL sign Ola, Michael (4.9) from SD
ATL sign Jerod-Eddie, Tony (4.8) from HOU
ATL sign Taylor, Devin (5.0) from MIA
ATL sign Jones, Don (5.0) from HOU
ATL sign James, Charles (4.9) from SD
ATL sign Kline, Josh (6.0) from CAR
ATL sign Avril, Cliff (6.2) from NE

BAL sign Barkley, Matt (5.1) from HOU
BAL sign Miller, Roy (5.8) from HOU

BUF sign Addae, Jahleel (6.4) from IND
BUF sign Smith, Keith (5.8) from CAR
BUF sign Royal, Eddie (5.7) from NO

CAR sign Barwin, Connor (5.9) from HOU
CAR sign Byrd, Jairus (5.9) from SEA

CHI sign Holmes, Andre (5.6) from IND
CHI sign Darkwa, Orleans (5.5) from SD
CHI sign Amerson, David (6.2) from TEN
CHI sign Michael, Christine (5.6) from HOU

CIN sign Berger, Joe (6.3) from GB
CIN sign Paysinger, Spencer (5.2) from MIA
CIN sign Johnson, Derrick (6.3) from DEN
CIN sign Goodwin, Marquise (5.3) from DAL
CIN sign Jackson, Tyson (5.1) from TEN
CIN sign Hogan, Chris (6.2) from NO
CIN sign Cassel, Matt (4.9) from DEN

CLE sign Reiff, Riley (5.3) from CHI
CLE sign Stills, Kenny (5.9) from WAS
CLE sign Maggitt, Curt (4.3) from PHI
CLE sign Watson, Menelik (5.3) from DET
CLE sign Gordon, Dillon (4.4) from SD
CLE sign Simon, John (5.8) from SF

DAL sign Woodyard, Wesley (6.3) from BAL
DAL sign Walker, Delanie (7.8) from WAS
DAL sign Cannon, Marcus (6.8) from WAS

DEN sign Prater, Matt (6.3) from HOU
DEN sign Anderson, Derek (4.9) from OAK
DEN sign Dickson, Ed (5.0) from GB
DEN sign Smith, Aldon (6.5) from DAL
DEN sign Lee, Sean (7.2) from GB
DEN sign Brockers, Michael (6.1) from ARI

DET sign Cross, Alan (4.8) from NYJ
DET sign Mathis, Evan (5.8) from DAL
DET sign Robinson, Denard (5.3) from TB
DET sign Forbath, Kai (5.7) from CLE
DET sign Porter, Tracy (5.4) from GB
DET sign Johnson, George (5.1) from STL
DET sign Cooper, Jonathan (5.7) from NE
DET sign Siliga, Sealver (5.0) from TB
DET sign Benn, Arrelious (5.0) from MIA
DET sign Levitre, Andy (6.4) from MIA
DET sign Carey, Don (5.1) from NYG
DET sign Langford, Kendall (5.4) from DEN
DET sign Tolbert, Mike (5.7) from BAL

GB sign Blake, Antwon (5.3) from BAL
GB sign Wilber, Kyle (5.3) from WAS
GB sign Lichtensteiger, Kory (5.2) from TEN
GB sign Durant, Justin (5.4) from CHI
GB sign Foster, Mason (6.3) from BUF

IND sign DeCastro, David (6.7) from HOU
IND sign Armstead, Terron (6.3) from ATL
IND sign Rey, Vincent (6.1) from SEA
IND sign Branch, Tyvon (5.6) from CHI
IND sign Manuel, E.J. (5.0) from NO
IND sign Arrington, Kyle (5.3) from GB

JAC sign Marshall, Brandon (6.5) from KC
JAC sign Dunlap, King (5.2) from HOU
JAC sign Reed, Jordan (7.2) from CHI
JAC sign Strief, Zach (6.6) from OAK

KC sign Barron, Mark (5.6) from CAR

MIA sign Jones, Jarvis (5.7) from JAC

MIN sign Adams, Mike (6.2) from HOU
MIN sign Rainey, Bobby (5.4) from BAL
MIN sign Patterson, Cordarrelle (5.8) from CAR
MIN sign Kuhn, John (6.0) from SF
MIN sign Barth, Connor (5.5) from TB

NE sign Robinson, Josh (5.1) from NO
NE sign Moore, Corey (5.1) from NO
NE sign Wendell, Ryan (5.7) from CAR
NE sign Omameh, Patrick (5.6) from BUF

NO sign Alonso, Kiko (5.6) from GB
NO sign Ellington, Andre (5.8) from HOU
NO sign Hyde, Micah (5.7) from CIN

NYG sign Porter, Sean (5.1) from SD
NYG sign Schaub, Matt (4.9) from STL
NYG sign Webb, B.W. (5.1) from WAS
NYG sign Gachkar, Andrew (5.1) from KC
NYG sign Bellamy, Josh (5.0) from PIT
NYG sign Matthews, Chris (4.8) from ATL
NYG sign Fleener, Coby (5.9) from PIT
NYG sign Webb, J'Marcus (4.8) from NO
NYG sign Hodges, Gerald (6.2) from WAS
NYG sign Wagner, Ricky (6.3) from CAR
NYG sign Bersin, Brenton (4.9) from PIT

NYJ sign Grimes, Jonathan (5.3) from SD
NYJ sign Wilhoite, Michael (5.0) from IND
NYJ sign Babineaux, Jonathan (5.4) from TEN
NYJ sign Peko, Domata (5.3) from GB
NYJ sign Riley, Perry (6.4) from NYG
NYJ sign Smith, Geno (5.2) from SEA
NYJ sign Pettigrew, Brandon (5.4) from DAL
NYJ sign Simon, Deon (4.5) from SD
NYJ sign Lowery, Dwight (6.1) from HOU
NYJ sign Tamme, Jacob (6.5) from WAS

OAK sign Williams, Brandon (5.0) from NYG
OAK sign Pullard, Hayes (4.6) from SD
OAK sign Poe, Dontari (5.9) from CAR
OAK sign Reid, Eric (5.8) from KC
OAK sign Watson, Dekoda (4.6) from ATL
OAK sign Martin, Doug (6.6) from DAL
OAK sign Dorleant, Makinton (4.3) from ATL
OAK sign Arkin, David (4.3) from ATL
OAK sign Palepoi, Tenny (4.8) from ATL
OAK sign Boggs, Taylor (4.7) from ATL
OAK sign Therezie, Robenson (4.8) from ATL
OAK sign Chester, Chris (5.2) from HOU
OAK sign Smith, Daryl (5.5) from SEA
OAK sign Davis, Chris (4.8) from SD
OAK sign Kerr, Zack (5.0) from WAS
OAK sign Remmers, Mike (5.3) from TEN

PHI sign Williams, Terrance (6.0) from NYG
PHI sign Davis, Knile (5.3) from CIN
PHI sign Blackmon, Will (5.9) from IND

PIT sign Suggs, Terrell (6.6) from IND

SD sign Campbell, Calais (7.2) from SEA
SD sign Ryan, Logan (6.5) from NYG
SD sign Peppers, Julius (6.1) from CAR
SD sign Heyward-Bey, Darrius (5.2) from SEA
SD sign Harrison, James (6.7) from CAR
SD sign Evans, Josh (4.8) from DET
SD sign Anderson, C.J. (6.5) from CAR
SD sign Starks, James (5.9) from TEN
SD sign Jones, Landry (4.7) from TB
SD sign Wilson, Tavon (6.3) from TEN

SEA sign Wilson, Marquess (5.5) from NE
SEA sign Allen, Antonio (5.5) from BAL
SEA sign McCourty, Jason (6.1) from NYG

SF sign Garland, Ben (4.6) from DAL
SF sign Cunningham, Benny (5.4) from ARI
SF sign Barner, Kenjon (5.1) from CLE
SF sign Davis, Will (5.3) from HOU
SF sign Callahan, Joe (4.3) from SD
SF sign Oher, Michael (5.2) from PHI
SF sign Tobin, Matt (5.2) from HOU
SF sign Daniel, Chase (5.0) from PHI
SF sign Calhoun, Taveze (4.1) from PHI
SF sign Price, Sheldon (4.0) from SD

STL sign Aiken, Kamar (5.8) from OAK
STL sign Gratz, Dwayne (5.1) from SEA
STL sign Escobar, Gavin (5.4) from BAL
STL sign Parkey, Cody (5.4) from BAL
STL sign Alexander, D.J. (4.2) from PHI
STL sign Andrews, Antonio (5.6) from CLE
STL sign Streater, Rod (5.1) from NYG
STL sign Thompson, Brandon (4.7) from MIN
STL sign Elam, Matt (4.9) from CLE

TEN sign Gottschalk, Ben (4.4) from WAS
TEN sign Milhouse, Greg (4.2) from DEN

WAS sign Thornton, Hugh (5.2) from CLE