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LTC RULES: LTC stands for long-term contract. It is a way for teams to sign a player before they become free agents as NFL teams may give a player a contract extension before he tests the market.

Teams are only allowed ONE LTC per year. It must be a player either entering free agency or on his last year under contract. Pending free agents must be given LTC prior to the league starting free agency, but players still under contract for this last year can be LTC'd during the season. LTCs can be 2- to 5-years in length, with higher signing bonuses added to longer deals. If you choose a shorter 2- or 3-year deal, it will come with a NO TRADE clause for one year.

LTC prices are based upon similar graded players at the same position. Contact Goodell if you believe a problem with the quoted price. Every year LTC prices will be updated as we look at salary averages for a new year. Players grades can also change throughout the season.

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