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ARI (AFFL) Trade Block

Players listed are available for late round 2018 picks.

Send a PM to Ben C.

ARI Roster

Last Updated: 2017-05-08 12:25:25


Available Players:

• Morris, Darryl (|CB| 5.3) clearance
• Robinson, Josh (|CB| 5.1) clearance
• Unrein, Mitch (|DE|DT| 5.0) clearance
• Grimble, Xavier (|TE| 4.9) clearance
• Palepoi, Tenny (|DT|DE| 4.8) clearance
• Norwood, Kevin (|WR| 4.8) clearance
• Fort, L.J. (|LB| 4.8) clearance
• McCain, Chris (|DE| 4.8) clearance
• Gaffney, Tyler (|RB| 4.8) clearance
• Wester, Leonard (|T| 4.3) clearance
• Callahan, Joe (|QB| 4.3) clearance
• Johnson, Anthony (|DT| 4.2) clearance
• Alexander, Dominique (|ILB| 3.8) clearance
• Shaw, Connor (|QB| 3.8) clearance
• Jenkins, Shaneil (|DT|DE| 3.1) clearance


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