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ATL (AFFL) Trade Block

Traded DeMarco Murray last week and Orleans Darkwa goes off for 117 to replace him. I like my young backs (Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack and Matt Breida), though, so could trade Darkwa while stock high for someone looking RB.

If you are looking for F7 help, Julius Peppers was player of the week recently (sack in 3 straight games currently) and 82 grade. I could swap for lower graded, lower salary replacement. Same with Terence Newman 79 in the secondary and Eli Manning at QB.

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ATL Roster

Last Updated: 2017-10-18 09:37:33


Available Players:

• Sendejo, Andrew (|S| 6.5) available
• Trevathan, Danny (|LB| 6.3) available
• Develin, James (|FB| 6.2) available
• Barrett, Shaquil (|OLB| 6.1) highprice
• Peppers, Julius (|OLB|DE| 6.1) available
• Newman, Terence (|CB| 6.0) available
• Manning, Eli (|QB| 5.7) available
• Kirkpatrick, Dre (|CB| 5.6) available
• Osweiler, Brock (|QB| 5.4) available
• Fowler, Bennie (|WR| 5.3) available
• Carroll, Nolan (|CB| 5.3) available
• Branch, Alan (|DE|DT| 5.2) available


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