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IND (AFFL) Trade Block

If you looking for a very good cheap Oline, I can be talked into moving Richie Incognito, he is signed cheap and you would hold unlimited bidding on him or can LTC him. Looking mainly for picks and RB/LB

Send a PM to Onyxgem

IND Roster

Last Updated: 2017-05-14 18:35:02


Available Players:

• Mack, Khalil (|DE|LB| 8.8) available
• Kelce, Travis (|TEWR| 8.0) available
• Beckham, Odell (|WR| 7.6) available
• Incognito, Richie (|G|C| 6.8) available
• Freeman, Jerrell (|LB| 6.8) available
• Harrison, Damon (|DT|NT| 6.8) available
• Solder, Nate (|T| 6.7) available
• Diggs, Stefon (|WR| 6.5) available
• Perry, Nick (|LB|DE| 6.4) available
• Adams, Davante (|WR| 6.4) available
• Newton, Cam (|QB| 6.4) available
• Ward, T.J. (|SS|FS| 6.3) available
• Quinn, Robert (|DE| 6.2) available
• Carpenter, James (|G|T| 6.2) available
• Matthews, Jordan (|WR| 6.1) available
• Gilchrist, Marcus (|S|CB| 6.1) available
• Goldman, Eddie (|DT| 6.1) available
• Schwartz, Mitchell (|T| 6.0) available
• Jones, Deion (|OLB| 6.0) available
• Ward, Jimmie (|S| 5.9) available
• Kelce, Jason (|C| 5.6) available


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