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WAS (CFFL) Trade Block

I'm looking for a DB or 3, Here's what I have to offer.

Alejandro Villanueva-I was recently offered a 2 and 3 for him. If I can get a 1st, he's yours.

Heuerman, Jeff (|TEWR|) - Athletic pass catcher avg 15 yards per catch in his career.

Hardy, Justin (|WR|) - Frequent target of Ryan's, should make a jump.

Jones, Arthur (|DE|DT|) - Useful vet should find a home soon.

Thomas, Michael (|FS|SS|) - STARTER in Miami, JUMPER!

Grimble, Xavier (|TE|) - #2 TE in PIT, another BIG jumper.

Coyle, Brock (|ILB|) - Special Team star who could see time if the injury bug hits SF again.

Lawler, Kenny (|WR|) - Will spend another year on the PS but can be a good role player by year 3 of his career.

Mauro, Josh (|NT|DE|) - STARTER in AZ, coaching staff loves him, BIG jumper.

Grugier-Hill, Kamu (|LB|S|) - Hybrid player added weight and can be a key piece for PHI this year.

Yarbrough, Eddie (|LB|DE|) - Another popular Bill in the media, may make the team.

Lee, Marquel (|OLB|) - Raiders are paper thin at backer, he may start 10 games.

Sylvestre, Junior (|OLB|) - Very impressive according to Bills media.

Leamon, Javarius (|T|) - Jets are very weak at tackle and he plays both spots.

Lindsey, Jacob (|ILB|) - Harvard kid listed on BUF depth but needs to prove he can produce on ST.

Metz, Jake (|DE|) - Area football stud, has a shot to stick in BUF.

Rogers, Sam (|FB|) - Do it all FB starting in LA.

Knappe, Andreas (|T|) - Currently listed as the back up at RT in ATL.

Goodman, Evan (|G|) - Weak G play in SF opens the door for Goodman.

Dunker, Jessamen (|G|) - Pugh will leave in FA and this kid is his future replacement. Started 40+ games at TCU and would've been drafted if not for off the field issues.

Mathers, I'Tavius (|RB|) - Already listed on JAC depth chart, can overcome Grant and will be 3rd on the deoth should the jags move on from Ivory

Send a PM to tjbarnaba

WAS Roster

Last Updated: 2017-05-28 08:37:36


Available Players:

• Heuerman, Jeff (|TEWR| 5.4) available
• Hardy, Justin (|WR| 5.3) available
• Jones, Arthur (|DE|DT| 5.2) available
• Grimble, Xavier (|TE| 4.9) available
• Thomas, Michael (|FS|SS| 4.9) available
• Coyle, Brock (|ILB| 4.8) clearance
• Lawler, Kenny (|WR| 4.6) available
• Mauro, Josh (|NT|DE| 4.5) clearance
• Grugier-Hill, Kamu (|LB|S| 4.2) clearance
• Yarbrough, Eddie (|LB|DE| 3.2) clearance
• Robinson, Ezra (|CB| 0.0) clearance
• Knappe, Andreas (|T| 0.0) clearance
• Lindsey, Jacob (|ILB| 0.0) clearance
• Rogers, Sam (|FB| 0.0) available
• Dunker, Jessamen (|G| 0.0) clearance
• Sylvestre, Junior (|OLB| 0.0) clearance
• Mathers, I'Tavius (|RB| 0.0) clearance
• Metz, Jake (|DE| 0.0) clearance
• Lee, Marquel (|OLB| 0.0) available


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