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Open football leagues

Existing Football Leagues: AFFL | CFFL | DFFL
Please review football league openings to see if any open teams. If not, you are encouraged to register and get on the wait list to be one of the first contacted about new openings that pop up. Opportunities for those teams will go first to the teams on the wait list in sequential order.

You need to register and log-in before signing up for a team.

New EFFL league forming for 2016 season, with an expected quick re-do of the past NFL college draft before starting regular season games. IT'S FREE TO PLAY - just complete the form at bottom of page. There is no guaranteed that you will get the team you want, but we will try to find the best mix based upon stated preferences of members to get everyone one of their favs. If you want a team for sure, see the donate button after submitting registration form below. NEW GMs will have preference, as the purpose of the expansion is to create opportunities and open teams for new people interested in playing. If you are new to the site, here are the basics about this league.

BAL: Pajldriver, Tmoore55
Second Choice: Fargo, ActionJackson, ActionJackson, Chad55
Third Choice: Gloves

BUF: kevinl | tjbarnaba
kevinl, tjbarnaba
Second Choice: SteveM, tjbarnaba, bellbay
Third Choice: Boz, tjbarnaba, DerekM

CIN: DuffMan, Adam K
Second Choice: Becca, DuffMan
Third Choice: DuffMan

CLE: Zapotek
Zapotek, Tmiller
Second Choice: Boz, hoopie44641
Third Choice: Bucs99, Remado, charlie813brown

DEN: DaltonC
Second Choice: Chance, ryanlester89
Third Choice: Onyxgem, Henderson, Smsetnor

HOU: Gloves
Second Choice: arscola, Nathan S.
Third Choice: HeroVision, RKelly82, sportman13

IND: Strykr89, JonC
Second Choice: kevinl, HeroVision, KevMonk
Third Choice: arscola, Tmoore55, bellbay

JAC: Chad55 | BrianMac
Mikeyacco5293, BrianMac, Chad55
Second Choice: Crossway92, Mikeyacco5293, BrianMac
Third Choice: Knighty Knight, Abomb12, Mikeyacco5293, BrianMac

KC: bellbay, hoopie44641
Second Choice: MaxK, JonC, DerekM
Third Choice: incamwetrust, rabbitrun

MIA: sportman13
Fargo, sportman13
Second Choice: Henderson, incamwetrust, Adam K
Third Choice: Strykr89, TheVisionary, Tiger17

NE: Henderson, BFsoxfan, charlie813brown
Second Choice: Gloves
Third Choice: Becca, NIU89, riz

NYJ: tino38
tino38, Webster
Second Choice: tino38, TheVisionary
Third Choice: tino38, HollyWest19, hoopie44641

OAK: yummyfubar
TheVisionary, yummyfubar, RebelFan, BobbyS
Second Choice: Pajldriver, Zapotek
Third Choice: stevebarrett24, Sprite

PIT: Fish | Strategist
Strategist, Fish, MikeMitch
Second Choice: Fish, yummyfubar, Jared A, RebelFan
Third Choice: Fish

SD: Crossway92, rabbitrun
Second Choice: Vibe, TrevC, arcele, zachman64, zachman64
Third Choice: SteveM, Tmiller, Jared A

TEN: Aftermath2531 | TrevC
Aftermath2531, Nathan S., TrevC
Second Choice: Aftermath2531, Tmiller
Third Choice: Aftermath2531, Zapotek, KevMonk, Freshman2255, zachman64, zachman64

ARI: HeroVision, DerekM, ryanlester89
Second Choice: Onyxgem, Strykr89, BobbyS
Third Choice: Smith243, BFsoxfan

ATL: Tito, MaxK
Second Choice: Remado, Tito, Smsetnor, rabbitrun, charlie813brown
Third Choice: Tito

CAR: Sharkbait
jerrydlux, Abomb12, VinolinaPanthers, ActionJackson, ActionJackson, Sharkbait, incamwetrust
Second Choice: VinolinaPanthers, Sharkbait
Third Choice: Chance, MikeMitch, VinolinaPanthers, Sharkbait

CHI: Bears, Smsetnor
Second Choice: bigphil44, rpete10
Third Choice: Hooper15c, BobbyS

DAL: Onyxgem, Smith243
Second Choice: BFsoxfan, Hooper15c
Third Choice: kevinl, MaxK, ActionJackson, ActionJackson, JonC, Chad55

DET: Knighty Knight
Knighty Knight, HollyWest19, Tiger17
Second Choice: VinceO, MikeMitch
Third Choice: jerrydlux

GB: Hooper15c | Jared A
Chance, Jared A, Hooper15c
Second Choice: Strategist, riz
Third Choice: VinceO, Nathan S.

MIN: Freshman2255
VinceO, Freshman2255, rpete10
Second Choice: jonz82, Freshman2255, sportman13
Third Choice: Pajldriver, Webster

NO: Becca, arscola
Second Choice: HollyWest19
Third Choice: bigphil44, Crossway92, Jay

NYG: Sprite, RKelly82
Second Choice: Sprite, NIU89
Third Choice: Bears, Ditka, RebelFan

PHI: Vibe, arcele
Second Choice: Smith243, Ditka
Third Choice: Adam K, ryanlester89

SF: zachman64
Boz, Jay, zachman64, zachman64
Second Choice: Bucs99
Third Choice: DaltonC

SEA: stevebarrett24
stevebarrett24, KevMonk, riz
Second Choice: DaltonC, Tmoore55, RKelly82
Third Choice: yummyfubar

STL: Remado, NIU89, Ditka
Second Choice: jerrydlux, stevebarrett24, Abomb12, Bears
Third Choice: jonz82, arcele

TB: SteveM, Bucs99
Second Choice: Jay, Tiger17
Third Choice: Strategist, TrevC, rpete10

WAS: bigphil44
bigphil44, jonz82
Second Choice: Knighty Knight, Webster
Third Choice: Fargo, Vibe

Total GMs signed up: 81

Username: Anonymous
League: EFFL Football League
Team Preference #1:
Team Preference #2:
Team Preference #3:

Team Tie-Breaker:
Preseason game: Sunday August 7 GB vs IND Hall of Fame Game on ESPN. Type the final score and the QB who will have the most passing yards and how many (ex. GB 21 IND 27 - Luck 100).

Contact me if you have a football blog and want to represent your covered team.

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