Sports Shout (DFFL)

Onyxgem: guess somebody needs to learn how to count
robroach: The sixth was the pick you traded to me.
Onyxgem: still didn't pass 6 times i passed 5 times and got a nice offer for that pick and lets face it smart man nobody in the NFL wanted him till the 2nd round
robroach: So you're basically saying I'm smarter than real NFL GMs. Thanks Onyx!!!
Onyxgem: no saying you got lucky ;) but you prob wont get lucky enough to find somebody dumb enough to give a starting RB who gets 25 carries a game for a stupid kicked ;)
robroach: You're right. I probably won't, but you never know. I was looking for 25 carries on the season, I thought maybe somebody with 4 or 5 RBs might bite. And we'll agree to disagree on the luck thing, although I'll admit I had Bridgewater rated higher.
Onyxgem: I didn't care for Bridgewater, and while I like Carr i didn't like him in he first /shrug it is what is it