Sports Shout (EFFL)

Fish: Wow, shocked I lost to DET. I know I donít have JuJu, but all my grades are higher and PIT won in RL plus I had a defense TD from Mills that I guess didnít carry over. Isnít even like they had a good week :(
Fish: $3m? Why? :D
Fish: DC going to unlock this week? Need to get Bryant in for his 3 targets
Goodell: Depth charts can always be PMed into commish if depth charts locked.
Goodell: I'm currently out of the state on vacation with limited access.
Goodell: Depth charts can never be changed, whether unlocked or through request, for game results already known for the week. Only games not played yet.
Fish: Dang, thought I read Conley wasnít going on IR...would have matched Jones if I had the spot