Sports Shout (FFFL)

brhlbryce: Carlos Hyde has been dealt (verbally), I've cancelled all offers out with him
brhlbryce: attention turns to Joe Staley, Navarro Bowman and Kenny Britt to move out, as well as the secondary
brhlbryce: so, how active is everyone checking offers etc? Is it a weekly thing for many? daily? hourly? Just curious
Aftermath2531: FFFL is a new league so the activity level doesnt compare to the other leagues. Theres a hand full of owners that are very active and check in daily. If you click on each owners profile it will show you the last time they checked in.
brhlbryce: thanks bud, just trying to figure things out. I'm sure a few of you are sick of trade offers from me already
brhlbryce: Bowman gone
brhlbryce: apologize for the mistype on my article, can't figure out how to fix. Ask on Sean Davis is a 2 not a 5