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DEN (AFFL) Trade Block

While it is unlikely before the deadline hits, I can look at moving Ertz who is in his 5th year option and can be LTC'd for a great price. It would take a great package of picks in the up coming drafts.

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DEN Roster

Last Updated: 2017-11-05 07:32:37


Available Players:

• Campbell, Calais (|DT|DE| 8.0) available
• Sherman, Richard (|CB| 7.4) available
• Allen, Keenan (|WR| 7.2) available
• Whitworth, Andrew (|T|G| 6.8) available
• Kerrigan, Ryan (|LB|DE| 6.6) available
• Ertz, Zach (|TEWR| 6.6) available
• Crabtree, Michael (|WR| 6.6) available
• Matthews, Clay (|LB| 6.5) available
• Cobb, Randall (|WR| 6.3) available
• Ivory, Chris (|RB| 6.1) available
• Adams, Mike (|S| 6.0) available
• Sims, Charles (|RB| 5.8) available
• Munnerlyn, Captain (|CB| 5.3) available
• Pryor, Calvin (|S| 5.0) available


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