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NE (AFFL) Trade Block

If Rodgers is done for the season I will have a lot of talent available for draft picks

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NE Roster

Last Updated: 2017-10-15 13:49:38


Available Players:

• Evans, Mike (|WR| 7.0) available
• Lang, T.J. (|G|T| 6.7) available
• Avril, Cliff (|DE|LB| 6.4) available
• Witten, Jason (|TEWR| 6.4) available
• Hurns, Allen (|WR| 6.1) available
• Kearse, Jermaine (|WR| 6.1) available
• Cyprien, Johnathan (|SS| 6.0) available
• Gabriel, Taylor (|WR| 6.0) available
• Kelley, Rob (|RB| 5.9) available


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