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NE (DFFL) Trade Block

Ok rebuild is in process, the following guys have been moved. Send offers if you interested in anybody else

Still got some very good players for trade

Mike Dainels - 2 2nds get him
Danny Shelton - 1st in 2018 gets him
James Bradberry 1st 2018 gets him

all can be had

Mainly looking for picks and RB

Send a PM to Onyxgem

NE Roster

Last Updated: 2018-02-10 21:23:42


Available Players:

• Byard, Kevin (|SS| 7.0) available
• Daniels, Mike (|DT|DE| 7.0) available
• Shazier, Ryan (|LB| 6.8) available
• Garoppolo, Jimmy (|QB| 6.3) available
• Parker, DeVante (|WR| 6.2) available
• Seferian-Jenkins, Austin (|TEWR| 6.1) available
• Shelton, Danny (|DT| 6.0) available
• Collins, Jalen (|CB| 5.9) available
• Long, Kyle (|G|T| 5.8) available
• Bradberry, James (|CB| 5.5) available
• Ogletree, Alec (|OLB| 5.4) available
• Sankey, Bishop (|RB| 5.2) available
• Smith, Jaylon (|OLB| 5.1) available
• Romo, Tony (|QB| 0.0) available


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