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PHI (DFFL) Trade Block

Let me know if see something that interests you. I have been stuck in the middle of this league for 5 years or so! Open to obtaining more picks obviously. Positions of dire need are RB, OL, and DL.

Send a PM to mr_minor_hood

PHI Roster

Last Updated: 2018-01-12 15:06:15


Available Players:

• Ertz, Zach (|TEWR| 6.7) available
• Irvin, Bruce (|LB|DE| 6.1) available
• Maxwell, Byron (|CB| 5.8) available
• Ellington, Bruce (|WR| 5.7) available
• Smith, Marcus (|LB|DE| 5.0) available
• Mannion, Sean (|QB| 4.4) available
• Albert, Branden (|T|G| 4.0) available
• Carey, KaDeem (|RB| 3.9) available


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